Servus, I’m Dominik Zöchbauer 🚀

I'm a Software Engineer based in Linz. Professionally, I work with cutting-edge technology at dataformers, and in my spare time I try to unify technology with beekeeping at

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Latest Posts

Combining cookie and JWT bearer authentication in ASP.NET Core

This post discusses how to combine cookie authentication with JWT bearer authentication in an ASP.NET Core application without manipulating the token in any way -- like it is suggested in several articles on the web.

Integrating Invoice Ninja with WooCommerce using Azure Functions

This post discusses how the open-source invoicing solution Invoice Ninja can be integrated with WooCommerce. The post focuses on Invoice Ninja and explains its downsides and problems.

Creating your first multi-stage release pipeline in Azure DevOps using YAML

This post explains how to set up an Azure DevOps pipeline with YAML. We combine a build stage with multiple release stages in a single pipeline and discuss benefits and drawbacks.